Rose and Frakincense Water Facial Toner/Tonic (125ml)


Normal to Combination Skin – Soothing and Anti-Aging

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Rose and Frankincense Facial Toner Tonic & Facial Moisture Mist

Rose water is mildly astringent, reduces inflammation, fights wrinkles, soothes and rehydrates the skin, leaving the skin feeling refreshed. Frankincense tones and tightens the skin, heals and protects your skin, and fades and heals scars. Colloidal silver has antiinflammatory and wound-healing properties. This product is suitable for normal to combination skins and is good for ageing, dehydrated and pigmentated skin conditions.

Ingredients: distilled water, spraying alcohol, fresh red rose leaves, rose essence, frankincense essence, witch hazel and frankincense.

Rose water can be applied as a facial toner. Apply to cotton wool and cleanse face gently. This product can be sprayed lightly onto the face as a hydrating facial mist as well when skin feels dry.

To avoid an allergic reactions, test the product on the inside of your arm before applying it to your face, and avoid getting it in your eyes. Handmade in Dullstroom, South Africa with hand-harvested flowers. Made in small batches to ensure optimum results.For external use only. Not tested on  animals.

Disclaimer: This product is made with vegetable oils, butters and plant materials, and is not a cure for a certain conditions but is purely therapeutic in nature. It will assist with relaxing, nourishing and healing of body and mind.

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