CBD Healing Oil 600mg (30ml)


Ingredients: cannabis resin (RSO) or full extraction cannabis oil and cold-pressed grapeseed oil.

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Cannabinoid or CBD oil is a super healthy option for your body and mind. CBD oil promotes overall health and well-being. The product calms anxiety, promotes relaxation and is a powerful anti-inflammatory for skin and joints. Tetrahydrocannabinol is one of at least 113 total cannabinoids found or identified in the plant. Cannabinoids are helpful in treating and reducing nausea associated with chemotherapy, as well as pain and muscle spasms. It also promotes relaxation and restful sleep. The oil can be applied topically to relieve pain, in your joints, knees and hands. This product is a medium-level formulation.

CBD Healing Oil is an anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety remedy and maintains cellular health. It promotes overall well-being, is used to treat insomnia and pain, and helps to maintain a healthy digestive system.

Ingredients: cannabis resin (RSO) or full extraction cannabis oil and cold-pressed grapeseed oil.

Dosage depends on the weight of the user.
For a small build, use as follows: pain – 3 drops, anxiety – 3 drops, inflammation and sleep disorders – 4 drops.
For a medium build, double the dosage as per the small build recommendations above.
For a large build use as follows: pain – 5 drops, anxiety – 8 drops, inflammation and sleep disorders – 7-10 drops.

Administer as often as needed, up to 2 times daily if necessary. 50ml of CBD Healing Oil is equivalent to approximately 600 drops. The maximum dosage is 20mg per day which equals approximately 10 drops. We recommend that you start the treatment in the evening or over the weekend in order to test the effects on your body.

Drops can be placed under the tongue or, if you dislike the taste, can be placed in the navel. The product can be used for pain, as a relaxant and as a sleep remedy. Since every person is different, it may take some experimentation to find the perfect dosage for you. Start with the minimum dosage for the first week, then adjust the dosage if necessary. Please note that your body may show signs of detoxification in the early stages.

Disclaimer: Our products are made with vegetable oils and plant material, it is not a cure for a certain

Canna Healing Oils Disclaimer

Skintopia products are made with vegetable oils, butters and plant materials. They cannot cure certain conditions and are purely therapeutic in nature. They will assist with relaxing, sleep and soothing discomforts and diseases. These products are not scheduled and are a natural alternative medicine. The intention is never to inhibit, but always to enhance the healing experience. THESE PRODUCTS ARE TAKEN AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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